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Roasted Bean Subscription

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Starting at $25/bag per month

What is a coffee subscription?
Our roasted coffee subscriptions allow you to choose what type of coffee you would like, how much you will need and for how long you would like us to deliver to you. With a minimum three-month subscription you can choose either espressos, single origins, Roaster’s Choice* or decaf coffee in quantities of up to five bags a month, delivered to the address of your choice.

How is it delivered/how does it work?
Coffee subscriptions are sent out via Canada Post Expedited on the first business day of each month. The cut-off date for the beginning of the month delivery is the last Thursday of the previous month.

Subscriptions are paid for in full. If you would prefer to pay via monthly billing, call our roastery at 250-298-9093 or email

Note: The selection of beans delivered monthly to Discovery Coffee subscribers is the freshest of what is available at that time. Roaster’s Choice showcases the freshest beans available from the roastery at the time of delivery and may include espressos, blends and/or single origins but will not include decaf.
Roasted Bean Subscription