Kalita Wave 185 Coffee Brewer

  • $75.00


With its sleek, simple style and wavy contours, the Kalita Wave wins over coffee and design enthusiasts alike.

The Kalita Wave is one of the finest Japanese pour over brewers available. Due to its flat bottom design, and controlled flow rate - due to to three small holes in the bottom of the brewer - you can expect a more consistent brew every time.

The Wave filters also encourage consistency of brew by reducing contact with the side of the brewer, maintaining more temperature stability. This all-in-one brewer includes a decanter, a glass filter holder and a wire frame for the holder. A white, heatproof grip makes this brewer easy to hold and pour. Uses 185 paper filters.

  • Easy to clean - just remove filter and rinse through
  • Super simple and sleek design
  • Ideal for brewing 5 cups of coffee
  • Uses 185 Wave Filters
  • Made in Japan


Package Includes:

  • Heatproof glass server with a heatproof plastic collar
  • 185 glass wave dripper with no brim
  • unbleached 185 paper filters
  • stainless steel dripper holder
  • 2tbs measuring spoon