Spring Blossom Blend

  • $22.50


As the seasons change yet again into slightly warmer weather, we welcome the renewal of spring celebrations and the blooming of the new plum and cherry blossoms that cover Victoria in a splash of beautiful whites and many shades of pink.

Inspired by colourful spring festivals around the world such as Holi in India, Songkran in Thailand, and cherry blossom filled Hanami in Japan. We endeavor to invite a little spring colour into our lives and as such have created this new seasonal blend for you with smooth, pleasant florality, and - a subtle fruity brightness that reminds us of spring morning walks with a hot coee in hand along Victoria’s many petal covered avenues.

We hope you have a warm and invigorating spring with positive change and new ambitions, and that this charming coffee blend will lead you to great new things as you start your day!