El Salvador Los Amates Natural

  • $24.00


El Salvador is on the rebound from years of political and agricultural issues which has hampered the specialty coffee trade within the country. This lot from Los Amates more than reminds us just how great El Salvador coffees can be thanks to the farm owner Roxana de Tobar and her 15 full time employees on the farm. 

We found this natural lot to be an extremely fresh and sparkling cup with notes of red berries and a beautiful floral finish. Through years of experience, Roxana knows her coffee responds exceptionally well to being processed naturally and the method also saves a tremendous amount of water resources in the local environment. 

Tasting Notes: Raspberry Sorbet + Prickly Pear + Hibiscus
Region: Concepción de Ataco
Altitude: 1275 masl
Varietals: Castillo, Icatu and Marselleza