Espresso magnifies the particular flavour traits of a coffee, emphasizing its acidity, mouthfeel and body. This intense shot of flavour combined with a rich, syrupy body stands alone perfectly and it’s designed to be enjoyed by itself.

 Espresso can also be served on top of hot water (Americano), offering coffee drinkers a diluted version of the intensity found in espresso. Rich, full-bodied espresso also pairs beautifully with velvety milk. The smaller your drink size, the stronger and richer the coffee flavour. We recommend a cappuccino as the drink with the most ideal ratio for pairing milk and espresso.


  • 1. A barista grinds coffee, dosing it into a metal basket with a handle (called a portafilter).
  • 2. Using a tamper, the barista presses the coffee down inside the basket.
  • 3. The portafilter goes into the espresso machine and boiling, pressurized water hits the coffee.
  • 4. The solid grounds are filtered by the basket while syrupy, liquid coffee drips through, creating “espresso.”