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New Release! Rwanada Abakundakawa

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340 g • $18.00

Sometimes, the most beautiful things in life are the most delicate and the most fleeting. It’s the thrill of a passing songbird, the last rays of a sunset, the brief wind through the tall grass, that perfect cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. The Rwanda Abakundakawa, with gorgeous notes of dried cranberries, molasses, and dark chocolate, is truly beautiful. And though the moment of stillness and beauty is fleeting, you will be able to enjoy it over and over again with ever brew.

“Asking me, said, she so free, how can you catch the sparrow?” - Crosby, Stills, Nash, Crosby, Stills, Nash, 1969.

New Release! Rwanada Abakundakawa
  • Notes: Dried Cranberries + Molasses + Dark Chocolate
  • Best Brews: French Press, Pour Over, Aeropress
  • Farm: Abakundakawa Cooperative
  • Region:Gakenke, Northern Province
  • Varietals:Bourbon, Jackson
  • Process:Washing Stations, Dried on Raised Beds