Kenya Kiriti Gondo AA

  • $19.00


With tasting notes of blackberry, blackcurrant and lemon iced tea, this coffee’s crisp, honeyed sweetness shines when brewed as a pour over and espresso alike. The flavours develop and intensify as the coffee cools, making this one of the most interesting single origin beans we’ve tasted this year.

Located just north to Kenya’s capital city Nairobi, Muranga County is home to the Gondo processing station- one of three sites managed by the New Kiriti Farmers’ Cooperative Society (FCS). The combination of rich red volcanic soil and the climate influence from the Aberdare mountain range gives this region ideal conditions for producing some of Kenya’s best coffees.

Kenya is known for its meticulous at-scale coffee processing, using traditional washing and soaking methods. This Kiriti Triple Washed coffee has been hand sorted and depulped, washed, and soaked in fresh cold river water for long periods of time to stop sugar fermentation and clean the parchment (the natural layer that covers the coffee bean). After washing, soaking, and washing again, it is dried over a period of two weeks on raised beds.