Hasty Instant Coffee - Colombia Finca La Floresta Natural

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Its Back!

Last years favorite direct trade instant coffee has landed

For this release we're once again working with the de Zambrano family in Algeciras, Colombia, a farm that Josh and Cory from the roastery visited in January 2020. Their coffee is sweet and juicy, incredibly vibrant and full of bold fruit character.

REGION: Algeciras, Huila
FARM: Nohora Sepulveda de Zambrano
VARIETY: Castillo
ALTITUDE: 1720 masl
PROCESS: Natural

Hasty Coffee is a company based in Calgary, AB that works with some of Canada's best coffee roasters to create delicious, specialty-worthy instant coffee that you can take anywhere. The coffee is carefully batch brewed and extracted for a balanced flavour then, using a unique process, Hasty crystallizes the coffee into a powder to maintain the original nuances of the origin, meaning you can quickly and easily make a beautiful cup of coffee just about anywhere. On the west coast trail? Done it! On a plane? You bet! Want an instant iced latte, pour that sachet into some cold milk, add some ice, and relax!

Each box comes with 4 sachets.

Each sachet holds 4g of instant coffee. Just add 240g hot or cold water, give it a good stir, and you’re good to go.


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