Guatemala José Fernando Melgar

  • $20.50


José joins our spring line up as we bring in a new coffee from Guatemala. José Fernando Melgar, is currently embroiled in conflict with an encroaching mining company who is trying to drive him and many others from their lands. Here is what José has to say about his farm, Finca las Flores.

“I started coffee growing in 1978 with three thousand coffee plants, using a single coffee variety called Pacas. At present I produce Yellow Catuaí, Pache San Ramón, Pacamara and Catimor, coffee varieties, and my farm is located at a height of 1750 meters above sea level. I belong to the Resistance, because I am against the exploitation of minerals since it causes extensive damage to health as a byproduct of the mining process. In addition, this mining project has brought many conflicts to our territory, I am a defender of life and nature and I work with great pride on my farm.”

- José Fernando Melgar