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DR Congo Kivu

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340 g • $18.00

Coffee possesses the invaluable power to bring people together. It can help us build connections across the world, across town, across a cafe table. We hope this stunning coffee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with gentle notes of nectarine, candied pecan, and lemon peel, will inspire you to do a good deed, to pay someone a well-earned compliment, or to forge a new connection.

“Hey, hey, get it while you can, don’t you turn your back on love, no, no!” - Janis Joplin, Pearl, 1971.

DR Congo Kivu
  • Notes: Nectarine + Candied Pecan + Lemon Peel
  • Best Brews: Pour over, Aeropress
  • Farm: Hutwe Washing Station
  • Region:Kirumba, North Kivu
  • Varietals:Typica, Bourbon
  • Process:Washed