Ethiopia Abebe Godana Natural

  • $19.00


This natural coffee is from a single-farmer microlot, located in the heart of the Yirgacheffe district which is an area in Ethiopia known to be one of the world’s most gifted coffee landscapes. Abebe Godana’s farm is 12+ hectares, much larger than most coffee producers in the Yirgacheffe district. During the harvest, a small team delivers the coffee cherries for inspection and sorting, it's acceptability based on ripeness and uniformity. Cherries are then dried in a single layer in the sun, a process that normally takes 3 weeks. Once cherries have been thoroughly dried and rested, the dried fruit is hulled from the coffee seed locally, and then transferred to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, to be dry-milled by Konga Trading PLC.

Former manager of Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmer’s Cooperative Union, Takele Mammo, is the founder of Konga Trading PLC. His time with the union laid the groundwork for what is now a robust demand for unique, single-farm coffees.

This natural coffee has tasting notes of stone fruit, stewed strawberries, and hibiscus. It's jammy goodness will leave you asking for more than one cup.