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Peru Percy Rojas Torres

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$19.00 • 340 g | $95.00 • 5lb

The Peru Percy Rojas Torres is a delicious, sweet, and complex single-origin coffee. Santuario, the cooperative of which Rojas Torres is a member, is dedicated to helping smallholder producers improve their coffee quality by offering technical field assistance, professional advice on soil fertility, cultivation techniques, harvesting, and processing, as well as a long-term vision for sustainability in the region. 

“I got a rainbow round my shoulder, looks like silver, shines like Klondike gold” - Taj Mahal, 1968.

Peru Percy Rojas Torres
  • Notes: Lychee + Caramelized Sugar + Biscotti
  • Farm: La Palta
  • Region:San Ignacio, Coipa
  • Process:Washed