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Peru El Lechero

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$20.00 • 340 g | $100.00 • 5lb

The Peru El Lechero comes to us from third generation coffee farmer Ulises Nayra. He and his family have owned El Lechero since 2010 and there are 2.5 hectares of land dedicated to growing coffee. 

When asked what he would like the roasters and consumers of his coffee to know about the farm, Ulises hopes they “realize all the hard work and post harvest processing and logistics that goes into the final product”. 


“The winter would hold no spring, couldn’t hear a robin sing. I just wouldn’t have a clue if not for you” - George Harrison, All Things Must Pass, 1970.

Peru El Lechero
  • Notes: Raspberry + Stroopwafel + Chocolate Ganache
  • Farm: Idelo Ulises Nayra
  • Region:El Huabo, San Ignacio
  • Process:Washed