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Kenya Karimikui AA

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227 g • $17.00

A special release coffee deserving of all accolades, the Kenya Karimikui AA is intriguing, delicate, and genuine. The flavours of this small-batch, limited-run coffee bring to mind the sweet acidity of a fruit picked at the peak of its ripeness, in the last great days of summer heat before the turn to fall - juicy, dazzling, bright, and elegant. Available in special 1/2 pound (227g) bags, and just like the sweet peak of summer, it won't be here long.

“We’ll find a table in the shade and sip our tea and lemonade”. - Joni Mitchell, Ladies of the Canyon, 1970.

Kenya Karimikui AA
  • Notes: Pomegranate + Lemon + Rose
  • Best Brews: Aeropress, Pour Over