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Ethiopia Tega & Tula

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340 g • $19.00

Ethiopia Tega & Tula

We know exactly what you’re going to find with the Ethiopia Tega & Tula: an absolutely exceptional cup of coffee. It’s as dependable and as satisfying as a really good bass line. It’s as delicious and as warm as the dulcet vinyl tones of Canadian rock legend Burton Cummings (played over vinyl, of course). The Ethiopia Tega & Tula will have to singing “no sugar tonight in my coffee”, that’s for sure.

“You’re tripping back now to places you’ve been to you wonder what you’re gonna find” - The Guess Who, American Woman, 1970. 

Ethiopia Tega & Tula
  • Notes: Red Plum + Walnut + Molasses
  • Farm: Tega & Tula
  • Region:Keffa Zone, SNNPR
  • Varietals:Heirloom
  • Process:Washed