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Ethiopia Kirite

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$21.00 • 340 g | $105.00 • 5lb

There are no maybes about it, the Ethiopia Kirite is a wonderful and delicious coffee. 

This single-origin coffee is from the Guji Zone; it’s grown on the Hambela Coffee Estate and is sourced by METAD Agricultural Development PLC. Managed by Aman Adinew, METAD has a long history of both quality coffee and a commitment to improving support and social programs for local workers and farmers. Their work includes a 700 student elementary school, healthcare for employees, and a partnership with Grounds for Health which provides cervical cancer screening for women in coffee-growing communities. 

“Honey, I’d be glad to admit it, oh, come on home to me” - Janis Joplin, I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama!, 1969.

Ethiopia Kirite
  • Notes: Nectarine + Honey + Rose Water
  • Farm: Hambela Coffee Estate 
  • Region:Kirite, Guji Zone
  • Process:Washed