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Costa Rica Colibri

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340 g • $17.00

We hope the playful and delicious notes in the Costa Rica Colibri will inspire you to take the day in hand. There’s no time like right now to get up on that stage and shine. Don’t be afraid. It doesn’t matter what your jam is. Karaoke? Air guitar? Morning commute power ballads? Don’t give it another thought - you won’t break under pressure, and you won’t sweat under the lights - today is your day.

“See the man with the stage fright, just standing up there to give it all his might” - The Band, Stage Fright, 1970.

Costa Rica Colibri
  • Notes: Cherry + Almond + Caramel Apple
  • Best Brews: Pour over, Drip Brewer, Aeropress
  • Farm: Various Farm Holders
  • Region:Tarrazu
  • Varietals:Caturra, Catuai
  • Process:Washed