Costa Rica Aquiares Red Honey

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Costa Rica Aquiares Red Honey⁠
Tasting Notes: Blood Orange + Rooibos + Toasted Marshmallow⁠

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome back the Costa Rica Aquiares Red Honey coffee for another year. This coffee was purchased directly from the producers and marks the fifth year of continuing an exciting relationship ship between Discovery Coffee and the Aquiares Estate Coffee & Community.⁠

Founded in 1890, the Aquaires Estate is the largest coffee farm in Costa Rica and it "devotes 80% of its land to growing high quality coffee and the remaining 20% to conservation”. The community of Aquiares is home to 2,000 people and the town has “a century-old primary school, a youth sports program, a recycling committee, an early childhood nutrition center, and a church built in 1925, which is a National Architectural Historic Monument.”⁠

The estate is an industry leader in environmentally friendly and socially responsible coffee production; not only is it part of the Rainforest Alliance Certification program (which sets high standards for soil, water, and wildlife protection, as well as workers’ rights), but it also achieved carbon-neutral status in⁠

This coffee is a red honey process, meaning that the mucilage of the coffee fruit remains on the beans as they are dried. The “red” distinction speaks to the length of drying time; the spectrum goes from yellow to black, with red being somewhere in the middle. This affects the coffee's flavour at the processing stage in a similar way to how high elevation and shade affect it as the growing stage; the longer it takes, the more character in the bean.⁠