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Colombia Pasto Sede

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$20.50 • 340 g | $102.50 • 5lb

Early in 2019, our roastery team travelled to Colombia to meet with the team at Azahar Coffee Company and visit farms throughout the region. The Colombia Pasto Sede is our second single origin offering from Azahar. 

The three varieties that make up this coffee - Castillo, Colombia, and Caturra - are grown in the rich soils and steep sides of the Galeras Volcano. Once the coffee is picked, the cherries are left to ferment for 15 to 24 hours (for comparison, the Colombia Finca La Floresta natural we carry is fermented for 60 hours). The coffee is then washed and set to dry for 8 to 12 days. 


Colombia Pasto Sede
  • Notes: Cola + Red Apple + Toffee
  • Farm: Various smallholders
  • Region:Pasto, Narino
  • Process:Washed