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Guatemala Bella Carmona

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$20.50 • 340 g | $102.50 • 5lb

The Guatemala Bella Carmona is an exceptional coffee from the Antigua region, produced by Luis Pedro Zelaya. Luis Pedro is a fourth generation coffee farmer, and over the past 100 years his family has perfected the depulping, fermenting, and washing processes practices at both the family farm - Hacienda Carmona - and the Bella Vista wet and dry-mill. 

“As we danced in the night remember how the stars stole the night away?” - Earth, Wind & Fire, September, 1978.

Guatemala Bella Carmona
  • Notes: Tangerine + Hazelnut + Dark Chocolate
  • Farm: Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora
  • Region:Antigua
  • Process:Washed