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Hasty Instant Coffee - Colombia Finca La Floresta Natural

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Hasty Coffee is a company based in Calgary, AB that works with top Canadian coffee roasters to create delicious, speciality-worthy instant coffee that you can take anywhere. They have worked with some awesome folks, like David Kim Coffee, Rabbit Hole Roasters, and Monogram. The coffee is carefully brewed and extracted for a balanced flavour then, using a unique processed they developed, Hasty crystallizes the coffee into a powder to maintain the flavours.

Remember the Colombia Finca La Floresta Natural? Well, it’s back! Each sachet holds 4g of instant coffee. Just add 240g hot or cold water, give it a good stir, and you’re good to go.

Each box comes with 4 sachets 

REGION: Algeciras, Huila
FARM: Nohora Sepulveda de Zambrano
VARIETY: Castillo
ALTITUDE: 1720 masl
PROCESS: Natural

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Hasty Instant Coffee - Colombia Finca La Floresta Natural