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Costa Rica Aquiares Washed

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340 g • $19.00

We are thrilled that this will be our third year purchasing, roasting, and serving coffee from the team at Aquiares Estate, and our first year to carry more than one of their single origin lots on the shelves at a time. The Costa Rica Aquiares Washed comes from the same farm and same lot as the Red Honey, it just undergoes a different processing method. The washed process will have a more pronounced acidity, a lighter body, and a deliciously smooth finish. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do! 

A special and heartfelt thanks to Federico at Gracias Coffee ( for spearheading this project and of course to Diego and the team at Aquiares Estate for letting us be a part of their masterpiece. 

“But someday, everything is gonna be different, when I paint my masterpiece” - The Band (Bob Dylan), Cahoots, 1971.

Costa Rica Aquiares Washed
  • Notes: Grapefruit Zest + Chamomile + Agave
  • Farm: Aquiares Estate
  • Region:Turrialba
  • Varietals:F1H1 (Rume Sudan & Sarchimor)
  • Process:Washed