Colombia Triptych (3 Roaster Special Edition)

  • $24.00


Washed Process / Reposado Fermentation
Shade Dried/ Caturra

3x100gr bags from 3 different roasters

Discovery Coffee +  Nemesis + Harken

For the first season of the Triptych project, the coffee was sourced by Harken Coffee in Vancouver, who have been purchasing from Hugo for three harvests now. This lot underwent a meticulous five stage fermentation process where the cherries were stored in plastic bags, then de-pulped and stored in buckets without water, allowing the coffee to develop sweetness. It was then fully washed and given a two stage slow drying process. This coffee is versatile enough to be a light and juicy espresso or brewed as a filter coffee. We hope you love it as much as we do.