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Colombia El Tambo

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$19.00 • 340 g | $95.00 • 5lb

There are very few things like a fresh cup of coffee on a brand new day - it can help the dark clouds roll away, and the sun begins to shine. The Colombia El Tambo is that coffee. It is produced by 6 smallholder farmers in the El Tambo region of Cauca department - Ever Plinio Muñoz, William Oliver Hoyos, Ruben Muñoz Castillo, Navio Orozco Muñoz, Carlos Bilder Meneses Astaiza, and Edilberto Orozco Camayo. Each producer has their own micro-mill and after each careful harvest, the coffee is depulped, washed, and dried using solar dryers. 

“And it seems like, yes, it feels like a brand new day, yeah” - Van Morrison, Moondance, 1970.

Colombia El Tambo
  • Notes: Apple Pie + Pecan + Lemon
  • Farm: 6 Producers 
  • Region:El Tambo, Cauca
  • Process:Washed